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  1. A dog and boy lay on the ground looking at each other.

    Denver made a few friends at the coffee shop this weekend. Most were a little noisier than this one.

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  2. A dog reaching for a ball under a couch as seen from the other side.

    I swear he intentionally loses these tenis balls under the couch so I have to help him...

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  3. Golden retriever puppy laying in the grass while an adult golden is mid-jump behind it.

    Just playin’ w/ my new big sis Bailey 🎀 do you think she likes me yet??

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  4. From my first 48 hours in my new home 🏡 I mostly learned how to act cool around my new big sis, which toys are mine (anything fluffy or on the ground honestly), and that being on the green fuzzy gets...

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  5. Closeup of golden retriever laying on a dog bed

    What we learned in puppy kinder

    Earlier this year, we took Denver, our Golden Retriever, to a puppy kinder class. While my wife is very experienced with dogs and Denver was making good progress, a significant reason we enrolled him...

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  6. Golden retriever sits while reaching up for a piece of cheese a woman holds.

    My first sit 🤓 #imagoodboy

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  7. Golden retriever puppy in the arms of someone with a shirt that says 'My dog is my best friend'.

    The face I won mom & dad over with 🥰

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  8. Nine newborn golden retriever puppies sleeping in a heap.

    Origin story 🦸🏻 I was born February 13, 2023, shortly after the chiefs won the Super Bowl. I’m not totally sure what that is but it sounds like a really big dog bowl with special treats in it. Been...

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  9. Dog snout extremely close to the camera with ocean view in the background.

    Oops, too close 😝 hopefully selfies are a part of my future training 📸

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  10. Woman holding a golden retriever puppy.

    This was the day I came home! I sat on moms lap the whole way and she couldn’t stop taking pictures. I guess you could say I’m just really that cute 😜 The first of so many adventures together with mi...

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  11. Golden retriever puppy lying in the grass, playfully looking up at the camera with a tenis ball in its mouth.

    Hi frenz 🐾 Just made a big move to a new family! I think they’ve changed my name from “Brown Boy” to “Denver, no, Denver, stop” which, if you ask me, is a little long, so maybe we can just shorten it...

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  12. Reflection in a car's side mirror showing a golden retriever puppy looking out an open window.

    Lots of car trips for this little guy. He even has a seat belt now!

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  13. Young, furry golden retriever puppy with a ocean sunset and palm trees behind.

    Hard to believe that we've had this little fluffball for almost 3 months now!

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