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Nine newborn golden retriever puppies sleeping in a heap.

Origin story 🦸🏻

I was born February 13, 2023, shortly after the chiefs won the Super Bowl. I’m not totally sure what that is but it sounds like a really big dog bowl with special treats in it. Been practicing my tackles & chasing balls so maybe one day I can win the Super Bowl as a “wide retriever”. Am wide & an a retriever so I think I got this 💪🏼

My dog mommas name is Lola and boy, isn’t she prettiest mom ever😍 people say I look like her so it must be where I get my handsome. I’ve never met my dad, Kai, but he lives very far away and dogs can’t drive 🤷🏼‍♂️ Maybe one day! I also have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and I love them all, but I’m the star or this story. My first hooman mom, Linda, is the BEST. She took care of us so well and made sure we never went hungry or without pets. My tail still goes crazy when I hear her voice and thankfull my new mom takes me to see her sometimes. Love you Linda @shadesofgoldgoldens!

My forever hooman mom started to come over to visit me every week since I was 1 week old! She loved all of us but I’ll tell true story of how we ended up together another time! 🥰

Adult golden smiling at the camera while nursing puppies. Woman holding newborn puppy. Woman holding two sleeping puppies in her arms. Golden retriever puppy in the arms of someone with a shirt that says 'My dog is my best friend'.

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