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Golden retriever puppy lying in the grass, playfully looking up at the camera with a tenis ball in its mouth.

Hi frenz 🐾 Just made a big move to a new family! I think they’ve changed my name from “Brown Boy” to “Denver, no, Denver, stop” which, if you ask me, is a little long, so maybe we can just shorten it to “Denver.” I like it much better than Brown Boy anyway.

My new family is really cool! Dad is super fun and mom keeps staring at me and hugging me all the time, but she gives me lots of treats so it’s cool 👍🏼 I miss all my 8 brothers and sisters, but I did get a cool, new big sis named Bailey. She plays hard to get so I’m a little intimidated by her but I’m sure I’ll win her over in no time!

Anyway, follow along as I grow big & smart! Mom says I have lots to learn and a big job to do one day. Right now, I’m just happy to eat grass and play fetch 🎾 but I know I’ll get there someday! Lets do this 🦮

#denveratyourservice #goldenretriever

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